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Holder of flower pots

Holder of flower pots

Number of Tiers: 1
Model Number: Plant Stand
Material: Metal
Feature 3: balcony furniture
Feature 2: Flower pot stand
Feature 1: Stand for flowers

1.The installation is simple and convenient. The spiral wire fixed design increases the overall stability and firmness, and the installation and storage are simple and convenient.
2.Triangular mechanical stability design. Thickened iron is firm, triangular stable support, no need to worry about the instability of the bracket, the foot pad can reduce the friction with the ground and can effectively protect the ground from being scratched.
3.Seamless welding. Rigorous lacquering process, high-strength welding, true seamless welding, exclusive electrophoretic baking process, double-layer rust and more durable.
4.Exquisite carving. Pure hand-made, lifelike simulation flowers, each line is so vivid, vivid and clear, to give you the beauty of enjoyment and appreciation.

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